Rent to be Paid by a family member

I have a possible rent application, but the tenant will not be paying the rent but a family member. What Pre-screening checks would I need to do? Do I credit check both the tenant and the rent payer and also have both on the tenancy agreement? What other checks do I need to do.

Any advice would be good.

anyone who occupies your place OR pays you money ,credit check themare you new at this? join NRLA

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No way would I go with that tenant. Sounds like trouble.


Mark 10 that is a sound point if they cannot afford on their own.

Yes im new.
I would credit check the tenant but wasnt sure if I would credit check the payer of the rent as a guarantor or not.

do not be in a rush to take the first person who comes along. Weigh up all the options and check EVERYTHING they say. Tenants will LIE to get a place. If they tell even ONE lie walk away


Thank you Colin.

I have some viewings booked in, and will be watching them bery closely in how they react to certain questions.
Ive been inundated with Rent2Rent messages! Which ive declined full stop.

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The general agreement here is NOT to do rent to rent So you are correct…When you verbally ask a .question ,make a note of them and if you do referencing check back and see if it is the same, If not the same they have lied and forgotten what they first said


I would have the family member / rent payer sign a guarantor agreement, and reference check them accordingly. The Tenancy Agreement should record the occupant as the rent payer, irrespective of where the money comes from, then you can evict them if the rent is not paid. On a practical note, get the rent provider to set up direct payment to you, if it goes through the tenants’ hands you may never see it.

If it’s a parent trying to rid themselves of an awkward child, beware, especially if they are under 18, as I believe you cannot evict them under that age.


Thank you Chris.
I will definitely keep this in mind.

It is better to wait for the right tenant. I do not think they are ready to leave the nest if they cannot afford. I suspect they are not aware of the running costs of a home and probably new energy prices! And as a bonus how to look after a house / flat might not be there yet! They might learn at your expense!


Hi Chris,
Can this be done for international tenants as well?

If it’s an international applicant, they are unlikely to have any credit file or polling registration in the UK, hence they will fail referencing. You would then definitely need a guarantor but bear in mind an overseas guarantor will be in the same position, and you would find it very difficult, if not impossible, to make them pay up on any default in the tenancy.


This arrangement has worked fine for me before - the tenants mother paid the rent.

However now I would recommend the rent payer should sign as a guarantor.- and carefully explain their responsibilities.

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