Rent Tribunal lowers rent below what tenant already paying?

Tenant has been paying rent of 688pcm for over two years. Landlord then applied to increase rent. Tenant without paying the new rent appealed to the rent tribunal who then lowered the rent below that which he tenant had been alredy been paying. It was lowered to 600pcm. Is this legal?

I know that if the tenant pays the new rent than he forfeits his right to appeal but if he doesn’t and then appeals can the rent tribunal make the rent less than one the tenant has agreed to in the past and been paying - in this case for more than two years?

Very unusual. How does the rent compare with other similar properties in the area?

Hard to say, rents are much higher in this area but the property is what’s called tired (the tenant doesn’t want it done up). The original rent was simply determined according to the amount of housing benefit the local council would agree to pay the tenant…

Do You mean tied tenancy ?

Uh what’s that? But I don’t think so. He’s an assured tenant can leave whenever he wants.

You really mean the property is run down,? I thought it was a spelling mistake sorry.

I would appeal if I were you.

Yes, I did. Didn’t help at all.