Renting a house

Renting a house has become a major issue nowadays. Comments and advice on how to curb this ugly situation that makes people homeless.

Lobby government to reverse the ridiculously harsh legislation and conditions brought in (and coming in) causing 30% of landlords to exit market in the last year, which has created a huge void in the number of properties available.

Build appropriate levels of affordable housing, as opposed to the vastly inadequate numbers being built.

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Lobby government to reduce immigration, 600,000 people a year is too much demand.

Where to start? .lots of council houses sold off. Not enough cheaper houses being built. Extra taxes on landlords . Shelter demonizing landlords . U/ C claiments get the rent first not landlords. ( housing associations owed millions) Evictions for non payers take too long. Local councils side always with tenant not landlord… Many landlords giving up