2.7 million votes for the Goverment

" car bashing has to stop" The gov. is looking towards next Election. Here are two things that may sway 2.7 m landlords 1 Get the courts up to date and quick on evicting bad payer tenants. 2 months not 12 months … 2 Pay landlords direct on Housing Benefit payments Without it being stopped by the tenant as long as they are entitled to it, with no clawback to the landlord if tenant has lied. Just those two things may reverse the trend of landlords selling up…( or not wanting HB tenants). Sorry folks I was dreaming. !!


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After renting to a single mother with a disabled child (who I have had patience and understanding). I am convinced that we are being used by the government to provide cheap housing. As if we are not taxed enough we are paying a further “tax” by rent arrears which the council will find a way to then not settle via the DHP scheme. Both Direct UC payments and DHP are not set up for communication with the Landlord. Landlords will continue to sell up and spend the money on helping their own families if they have any sense.


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