Renting with a bankruptcy

Hello all. So I’m looking into private renting. However I went through a bankruptcy several years ago. The bankruptcy is on my credit file as satisfied. me and my partner both bring in a decent income but because of the bankruptcy title I don’t stand much of a chance. Is there anything I can do.

does satisfied mean the debt was paid up in full or not?

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Hi Colin so I went bankrupt 2019 and was discharged 2020 my credit file is showing the satisfied date as the discharge date. I have an agreement that I pay monthly for 3 years which ends june 2022 but stays on my file until 2025

best be upfront with a landlord .We get annoyed when something is not told to us straight away. . To see proof that it is being paid off, is a big plus

Yeah I always send a message as I don’t want to waste anyone’s time. I also have proof of payments too

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So, some people might take you, some not.

For me, I would definitely need more time between you paid off the debt and renting, to show you can pay your commitments and get good credit.

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