Renting with poor credit history

Hello, I am new here and just looking for some advice on how difficult it could be to rent a house here in the U.K. me and my partner have to move for work and get provided accommodation for the first year. Then we have to rent a house.
I have bad credit history have previously entered a IVA (but settled within a year) also had a CCJ and some defaults about 4 years ago. My partner has fantastic credit history but I earn considerably more money than her. I’m trying to gauge how difficult it will be to pass credit checks for renting. We also have 2 dogs which makes the search ever harder as so many landlords won’t accept pets.

Any advice or insight would be appreciated!

Be up front with landlords about your history. Make sure all CCJs are settled. You will still find it difficult, depending on where you want to rent. My guess is landlords of more rural properties will be less concerned about the dogs.

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We are looking in Cumbria. I was thinking about contacting some estate agents and speaking to them about the situation to see what there thoughts are.

Good idea. Good luck