Replacement of appliances

Hello my tenants have asked if they can have a new fridge and washing machine both still work

They want to contribute to a higher spec. However no advanrage for me

When they break they can replace and then keep or i replace again with low end

Is that reasonable

Are they good up to date tenants?

Hi yes ive replaced the boiler snd carpets and kept rent down

if they have been there a while and you want to keep them then, i would want to keep them happy especially if they contribute to the cost

I would suggest to them that I would pay for new, higher spec appliances myself, but increase the rent by £100 a month to cover the outlay.

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Personally I won’t be increasing rent. If the items are really expensive, I will contribute and and we agree I own them afterwards.

I will certainly not contribute more than 40% cost to get the high spec or what it would cost me to replace like for like. I’d leave rent as it is and sort out those items as standalone

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