Reviewing a property


I just wanted to know if there is a way of reviewing a property or a landlord?

We moved into this new place 6 months back but we are now vacating as this place is literally falling apart.
There is fungus and rust on the walls. The water from the sewage is draining back and blocking the toilets which tends in overflowing.
We were never handled a gas certificate and the place was advertised wrongly.
We have never communicated with the landlord directly nor we have her email/phone no. We speak to her so called friend who is actually an estate agent.

I am a landlord. Smell the place when you go in. You can smell damp. . Ask to see the gas certificate first. Ask does he have any other tenants you can talk to. In the situation you describe alarm bells should have rung. for you. Always find who the landlord is or WALK AWAY

When we were showed the house it was newly painted and all the carpets were replaced/cleaned up.
The placed looked nice and new.

We were never handed landlords contact details.

Now looking back and looking at the contract and other details we realised it was her friend who showed the place signed the contract.
She used the landlords name but used her email address and it was her IP because we were told that she lives in Japan.

We have served our minimum required tenancy but would like to file a complain or at least give a feedback

Shaleen So you were happy with the place “nice and new”. are you staying on?