New tenant viewings

If you don’t like the sound of a tenant who wants to view your flat can you refuse a viewing? It is based on personality.

Yes as long as its not Discrimination. Your the landlord therefore its entirely your decision who you rent the place too.

I hope this helps.

you absolutely can decide who you want as a tenant. They have to gel with you. Otherwise you may be uneasy for a long time. Does this mean you have not met in person ?

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No I haven’t met I’m uneasy about giving my address. If I do agree to a viewing and they want to rent it how do I say no if the property is still available on the portals?

then dont do it. I have found that my first feelings are generally correct

Thank you. I’m unsure as to what reason I should give?

on openrent i send the message “sorry I cannot help you”. Press the reject button. Then there is no more contact