Viewings tenant not cooperating

Despite going out of the way to help a couple settle in their new home, as a landlord I now have uncooperative moving out tenants. They don’t respond to my requests for viewings when prospective tenants enquire. I give well over 24hrs notice and work around their preferred timings but no luck, what to do?

Your tenants are certainly not nice in this situation and I’m sorry you’re facing this trouble.

If the tenancy agreement does not explicitly state that the tenants have to allow viewings, your tenants are completely within their right to refuse or not cooperate. Again, it’s not nice of them, but they can do that.

If the tenancy agreement does mention that your tenants have to allow viewings, but they don’t allow them, then there’s still nothing you can realistically do. If you just use your own key and do the viewings, you’re trespassing unless you have a court order. Don’t do that, it’s not worth it. Could get you into quite a bit of trouble. You could in principle try to sue them afterwards, but it’s unlikely that your effort will pay off.

How can you be certain that your tenants will really move out on time, given that they don’t talk to you? If they don’t move out before your new tenants are supposed to move in, you are in breach of your contract with your new tenants.

Easy solution for all your problems: Wait until your current tenants have moved out, ensure that the property is in good condition, and hold viewings. In the current market, you won’t have a long void period anyway.


thanks Bastian.
What really hurts me more is that because they were new into the country and renting for the first time, I spent a lot of time to settle them in. Agents would not entertain them as they did not have UK credit history. I know they will move out. House is in a prime location. I may even be able to let it out with photos. Waiting game.

Next time ,do not let heart rule your head. Lesson learnt no doubt


True, well said Colin, thanks

I did exactly the same for two separate sets (more fool me) and both lots turned bad at the end.

There’s nothing you can do sadly.

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we all learn lessons as we go along. When everything is harsh all around for landlords, atleast we have this forum to vent out.


Why not just wait till they move out. Your property will not be very attractive to new tenants with current tenants in.

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yes that’s right, I will wait, thanks David

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