Roof tile fell onto tenants car

Hi, can anyone offer and advice? There was a brief storm yesterday and 1 roof tile fell off my property onto my tenants car roof. As far as I’m aware the roof is in a good state of repair. I rang my landlord insurance this morning and they said they won’t accept liability for the (luckily small) car damage as these freak weather events happen and the roof was good. Am I liable to cover her repair? We would feel bad about not doing. What are the legalities? Many thanks, Sarah.

She can get it repaired through her own insurance. As good will you could cover the excess.
If I have been in a similar situation with the neighbour I have asked them to take the car to my mechanic for repair and I have paid for it.
Then you know the cost is not being inflated and your mechanic may give you a good deal knowing the circumstances.

You’ll want to be careful - they can probably get it fixed through their own insurance, but then their insurance company might come after you or your insurance if they think you’re liable. If it’s only slight damage you’re probably best off paying for it & keeping insurance companies out of it. Even if you’re not liable, your tenant will appreciate it & next time they’ll return the favour over something else by waiting before calling you, or offering to fix\paint etc. something else.


Wise words, thanks both.

It’s hard to see why you wouldn’t be liable, and as such it’s best to sort it asap. It’s not the tenant’s roof but yours, and even when it’s an accident and the roof was in good order you’d be responsible.

Very odd the insurance said they wouldn’t cover it, but it’s probably best not to claim through insurance anyway.


I thought that was what public liability was for?

So did I which I said to the insurance company but he said not.

I would challenge that. That is why there is insurance. However the first £500 or whatever might not be covered ,so you might well be better paying yourself

Hi Colin, they said I could Cla m for the house roof but it probably wouldn’t be worth it after the excess of £150. It is my tenants car he said they wouldn’t cover, so I’ll see what I can do for her myself.

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Was your insurance company not able to offer any information on liability?

I suspect its an ‘act of god’ and your not legally liable unless they can show that the roof wasn’t properly maintained, but you should probably check that with a solicitor.

Just found this: Claims For Damage Caused By Falling Slates

That was exactly what they said 'cos the roof was otherwise sound.

You are 100% responsible, insurance should cover.

Insurance excess is a double whammy, £150 and only payments above, if it’s £250 to do the roof, then you save a £100 but have a claim on your insurance and we know hat happens to premiums after. Get 3 quotes for repair to the damaged area only!

Do u mean I’m liable for the car roof?

Hi Sarah53.

I have ended up in a similar situation. What was the outcome in your case?

Hi Tim, in the end, cos she’s a good, trouble free tenant, I knocked £250 off her rent that month to cover her motor claims excess which she felt fair, and we still have a good relationship.