Scotland rental landlords

Hey, I’m new here, I have a question for Scotland landlords.
We are selling a house in Norfolk, we complete in around 4 weeks.
So we (my husband and I) have 2 grown up kids, one that will move with us and one off to Uni soon, we also have 3 dogs, in fairness they are well behaved and one is rather old and doesn’t move much :rofl:
We are looking to buy in Scotland but in the meantime we are looking for a rental property.
Employment wise, my husband works for a software company and has been in the same job for over 10 years and works from home. We are looking for a 3 bed rental, have even offered to pay an increased deposit to cover any nerves about the dogs or us,
Any other suggestions where we can find a 6 month rental in the Scotland area?

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