Serviced accommodation advice

Hi there,
I’m looking for advice if anyone can help with regards to the best way to advertise a property as serviced accommodation via open rent and specifically with regards to the rental agreement contract via this platform so I’m able to offer short term accommodation of 1 month at a time. I’ve seen a few companies on open rent doing this method but have had no response from them or open rent on the contract specifics and how to go about this correctly. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. Also with serviced accommodation I gather that there would be no rental amount disputes unlike an AST?
Thank you.

Hi Katherine,

That is a very good question.

I think it could depend, to an extent, on who your occupants were.

Companies can like all inclusive accommodation with a cleaner and then you would probably use a company let tenancy agreement.

People on holidays often want serviced accommodation and then you would use a holiday let agreement.

If your occupants had their main residence elsewhere and were not in your property for the whole week, for example, then you could use a contractual tenancy agreement.

If your occupants were using your property as their only or main residence, then the only option would be a licence agreement, and these are frequently used for lodgers. You might have to prove that they did not have exclusive possession of their accommodation e.g. a cleaner could walk in at any time as in a hotel.

I do agree Katherine that there isn’t much information anywhere about the nature of the agreement or the right contract to use for serviced accommodation.

All the best, Lilian

Hi Katherine,

One other point.

There is a book on Amazon called “Serviced Accommodation - The Contract Templates, Letter Templates, Guide and Starter Pack You Need”

That contains a possible contract between host and guest which could be used in all instances, I suppose.

Best wishes, Lilian