Share of freehold issue

The flat I bought is a converted flat and came with share of freehold, however, when the same seller sold the flat above us, his solicitor Stuart & Co solicitor ltd transferred our share of freehold to the new owner by modifying the TN1 form after we signed it. I found this matter in 2019 and soon I contacted the owner John of Stuart & Co and the solicitor who dealt with that transaction, none of them replied to me. I can assure that they have gotten my emails. The solicitor who dealt with that transation is GIZEM KALAYCI. Any suggestion for dealing with this, please?

you need to get your own solicitor to act for you

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This is a legal stuff. Contact your solicitor ASAP

Here is an article in The Sun for something related and why you should act fast

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Thank you, Colin 3 and Charles19. What kind of solicitor should I get? Consumer dispute or property? Thank you again!

I would think definitely a property lawyer Just in case there has been a "mishap . I have used Windeatts in Devon for a few recent transactions . Superb. Your solicitor nowdays does not have to be nearby

Sorry for replying late. Yea your solicitor doesn’t have to be close to you. Also I wouldn’t bother much about which to use since you probably don’t know where they specialise until you speak to them. I’d suggest get one , discuss your situation and let him tell you if it’s an area he covers. I think he can refer you if necessary.

Thank you so much for your help!

Thank you very much! Charles19.

By the way, I contacted the sun for this news and asked them to forward my contact to this victim, they didn’t reply.