Short Let Question - referencing, agreement, documents to check

Hi All,

I have an exchange student lined up to rent my home for 3 months. The student is willing to pay upfront.

I am not sure what I should be doing in terms of referencing, agreement (license or AST) and documents to check.


Unless you are also living there it will almost certainly be an AST and require all the usual paperwork. You can make the agreement for 3 months, but you wouldnt be able to serve a s21 notice until after 4 months to expire after 6 months, so you shouldnt count on getting the property back after 3 months just in case.

Referencing is of limited use and my guess is that there will be no UK based home-owning guarantor. You should probably do as much research on the person as you can to check out their story. You must check they have a Right to Rent first though.

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