Referencing for recent EU arrivals in the UK


My prospective tenants have only been in the UK 2 months, from the EU.
An email from Open Rent says that they are likely to fail referencing because they have not been here for at least 6 months. But I need landlord rental insurance. RentGuard say that they ‘should’ pass references if have proof of address here and where they lived in the EU (Belgium) and a bank account / bank statement here.

Has anyone had this issue and can they recommend any more checks I could do or ask them to make sure it passes? Are there any options to ask them to do these checks from their home country?

I think a guarantor and 6 months rent up front is unlikely.

Also I didn’t realise this would take my property off the market. If the referencing takes 5 days and fails then I’ve lost alot of time and can’t see people in the interim. Advice on this too?

Much appreciated!!