Should I charge lodger for one day extra?

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My lodger was originally scheduled to move out on the 18th of June, which is today. However, a couple days ago, she requested to change her move-out date to Thursday, the 22nd. I expressed my concern about the short notice and informed her that I had already rented out the room on Airbnb from Monday, the 19th, until Friday, the 23rd. I proposed that if she was willing to cover the difference in the nightly rate (only from Monday until Thursday), I would cancel the Airbnb reservation and allow her to stay until Thursday. She responded by stating that she would move out on the original date, the 18th, but would confirm it in the evening.

Later on, she texted me that "she will be move out by Monday, the 19th, and that a cleaning company would come on Monday at 1pm to clean the room and remove stains from the carpet but she is not sure what time they will finish. Her rent is due on the 19th of every month. Should I deduct the cost of one extra day from her deposit due to her change in moving out from the 18th to the 19th?

Only you can decide. It’s seems youve been very accommodating. You could ask yourself “why should you be out of pocket because of someone elses poor planning?” Or you could say…”lodger was a good person….I’ll let it slide” :grinning: it’s business….

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Thanks Mark, actually her behaviour has been problematic and has caused significant inconvenience lately. Just wanted to check if I understand it correctly. If her rent was due on 19th every month, payment would cover the period from May 19th to June 18th. That means legally I can charge her for that one night from 18th to 19th?

Yes that would be correct. The rent would be upto the 18th.

Is this rented to her as an Airbnb contract?

Thanks Mark, I had a lodger agreement signed with her. It wasn’t rented to her as an Airbnb contract

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