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Should I Consider Renting to Tenants with Pets?

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Rental adverts that specify ‘no pets’ are a common sight on any lettings website in the UK. But as the makeup of the rented sector broadens, it’s increasingly important for landlords to consider all tenants for their rented property.  This article gives some compelling reasons to consider allowing tenants to keep a pet. It also…

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a good post Sam… Personally I dont want pets in my rentals .( I have none at home)… I am not bothered if I have a void period as I have no mortgages… I have worked in peoples homes where I can smell their animal ,that has put me off …One bad experience can influence you


Thanks Sam. I agree with Colin, In addition, my familiy have related allergies and as they do the repairs and maintenance it is a no go area.


I have always been open to considering a pet as I have a jack russell myself and our house is spotless. So I considered this tenant who had a JR, lovely dog and nice people, house is kept nice. I had to visit last week, I counted 20 lots of dirt in the garden,very hard to avoid not stepping on one, she blamed the kids for not clearing it up. I said how can the dog use the garden and not step in this and then into the house ?.(and all over my carpets) It has put me off renting to a dog owner again.


you cannot entirely clean up dog muck .I bet there are trace elements in the house ,Yuk

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I have no problem with pets but not cats. We bought the flat that stank of tom cat pee and ripped out every carpet in there and fumigated. Also the deeds have a covenant that no pets are allowed. 2 other houses have dogs and they are well looked after. Other houses I have been reek of dog. A pet is not a necessity in life and we should not be held responsible for other peoples choices.


I allowed a dog for my last tenants and had to replace the living room carpet for the new tenants as it stunk of dog pee. I replaced the carpet with laminate as the new tenants have 5 cats. They have a 12 month contract and I have costed into my thinking that I may need to replace stairs and two bedroom carpets if they move at the end of that period - however, I would have replaced one of the bedroom carpets before they moved in but they said they would do that at some point so that I only have to do it once when they leave. They intend to stay until they can buy somewhere so if everything works out its good for both parties. They do appreciate that not many landlords would allow so many pets.

I started a similar conversation, not as well laid out as yours. I allow pets, and all tenants who have pets have been good ones. The nasty experiences have never been pet owners.

However, the outcry from landlords saying no was huge.

Doesn’t change my opinion. I allow pets - and it’s down to the vetting (excuse the pun) nothing more I feel.