Smell in the flat

Dear all,

I hope someone can help.

We have horrible “dead smell” in our flat already more then 10 days. We are not able to use the kitchen at all. Smell is extremely toxic and it seems to be some difficulties for the landlord to find someone to come over and have a look whats wrong.
Anyone has any contact numbers of whoever who can help with it?

Thank you in advance.

Have you checked the drains? They can smell really bad if they or the washing machine outlet hose is clogged. Try removing the kick-plates under the base cupboards to see if anything has died in there.

Thank you David.
Our washing machine is not located in the kitchen but in separate cabinet.
Someone came today to check where the smell coming from but im standing here now and dont think they found it. It’s still smelling like sh*t.

Can they smell it too?

Yeah, there was a box at the back of the fridge filled with undefined liquid which stank. Not sure if that was a coincidence and there is still somethings somewhere dead. It was removed but smell is not getting less.

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