Solving Seller with Chain problem

Hi All,

I have been thinking, so much trouble with chained seller, but wouldn’t it be easier if they sell it to you and complete then you rent it to them with market price or reduced price or even free until they have found their property to move to would it work?

I have been hearing it is not allowed or regulated etc. is it true?

Sale and rent back is an FCA regulated activity.

meaning… we can or we can not?

Sale and rent back companies need to be regulated, there aren’t any trading as the they were typically soldcat large discounts and were deemed unfair to the seller.

I’m not aware of any restrictions on arranging it as an individual, however there will be issues as mortgage lenders and insurance typically insist on minimum 6 month term which is unlikely to be suitable. In addition the seller is taking a risk as if their chain falls through and house prices keep rising they could get priced out so their solicitor is likely to advise them against it.

My understanding is that sale and rent back is a regulated product and can only be sold by regulated firms. I don’t believe there is any scope of an private individual to do this outside the rules.