Extra clause to cover fair-use of utilities?

To avoid the hassle of meter reading and name changing of electricity+water+internet+phone etc etc (especially since my target market will likely be dominated by students), I want to include utilities in the rent. Even more so since I’ve read that voids can require you to switch all bills over to yourself for just a week, even. This seems silly.

Clearly, to avoid tenants starting their own tropical fruit farm inside the apartment, the utilities should be included up to some value that constitutes fair use. I plan to calculate figures from historical data, as mentioned in prior threads.

Does anyone have a standard text they’ve used to extend the OpenRent contract to this effect?

Alternatively (preferably IMO), is there a text that just allows me to keep the bill(s) in my name, but just passes through the charge to them, provided that I provide reasonable evidence (i.e. the actual utility bills)?

Obviously this is not feasible with the council tax, but I can live with switching one item, just not 6-7.

In the longer term, are there any other measures that can make the process smoother? Smart meters?

This hassle is not your hassle usually. Maybe apart from the metre readings. If the place is empty for just a week I would consider just not informing the electric company, too much hassle. And also smart metres may help also. If you want to include all bills that is still common but just make sure you charge enough to cover the bill or you will be out of pocket. Tenants with no bills to pay may lead to them being relaxed about how much power they are using.