Stick on Tile for kitchen

Hi all,

I thought it would be an easy way to soft reno your kitchen using stick on tiles.

Could I ask if anyone know any cheap stick on tile for kitchen products anywhere? it take ages to search and prices varies quite a lot for the same product. e.g. stick on metro tile. they are like 30 pounds per square meter, way more expensive then the actual tiles.

Any links for the cheap ones you are using?

Every suggestion helps!


never used them Good tiling makes a place look very good

Good tiling will make a big difference. Stick on tiling is cheap and nasty.

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Srick on wall tiling exists? I’ve heard of adhesive floor tiling (vinyl) but this is news to me.

Yes, i gave it a try, it was alright actually as kitchen tiles are generally cosmetic so it does the job, just added it on, but let’s see if it lasts.