Student tenancy set up

Would anybody know a way of utilising the rent now joint contract to accommodate two months at half rent ( summer term holidays ) whilst also adding that this period is for storrage of belongings only ?
This also occurs at the start of the tenancy so tenancy start date and move in date would need to be different.
Anyone mastered this for students.

Hi Tim, I’m not legally trained, but I don’t think you could have an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (i.e. the kind of tenancy agreement used in Rent Now tenancies) that has enforceable terms to the effect of ‘the tenant must not be in the property at these times’.

An AST is an agreement for the tenant to use the property as their primary residence for the duration of the tenancy, so stipulating that the tenants are not able to do so for long periods of the tenancy would seem to contradict the very nature of what an AST is.

In any case, I’ve not heard of landlords wanting this before, so I’m not too familiar with how to proceed. It may be worth speaking to a housing lawyer.