Subletting license working

Hi All,

I have purchased a flat through my company and am currently processing the subletting request with the freeholder. The license document they have to send me includes all details such as my company name, the tenant name, the freeholder details etc. However, they have also included the names of previous owners of the flat. I have raised this question with the freeholder’s agents. I got the explanation that the Land registry wants it that way and this is how they recognise the lease. I am not buying it. This is not a land registry document but a freeholder’s agent’s document. Also, each lease has been provided with a membership code so why are the names of previous owners on the license that I am paying for?

I am perplexed and not happy with their explanation.

I appreciate your advice

Tell them youre not happy.

Hi David122, I did. The lady informed it is their way of recognising the license. I have also asked for the opinion of the conveyancing solicitor. I am waiting to hear from him.