Subsidence caused by Tree - buying property

I viewed a property which was built in 1870. It has Tree Preservation Orders.
I was told the property has suffered subsidence and it can happen again.
Property has a big tree around 5 meters close to the front of the property.
Is it safe to buy this property? It is offered on a below market price.

Only a surveyor can tell you.
Check insurance cost on a property with subsidence.
Will be harder to sell.


there are ways to limit tree “problems” but not cheap. Tree roots can ruin drains , cause settliement or heave of the ground. Even removal can cause excess groundwater that the tree would normally “drink”. As above , meed a surveyor to advise

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you better check if the tree has been protected by council in which case nothing you can do. if this is for renting out I would say you should reconsider as I can only imagine what EPC score and 1870 property will get.

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if you were to extend the property past the line of the tree and gain planning permision then p p overides the tpo. IE if .,it is in the rear of the property … you need good advice from a surveyor.Just had another thought . Maybe the tree roots have got into drain ,fractured the drain and that has caused the settlment of the wall ,as the ground under the footing has filtered thru the drain system .I have repaired more settlement due to fractured drains than thru a nearby tree

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Thanks for the replies.

The EPC is on E now.

The seller said that the drain was completely blocked and had to replace the drain.
I assume the tree roots may have damaged the drain.


if it still is the old clay pipe drainage , I would replace the section with plastic drain and a rodable gully ,all laid in pea gravel. The plastic accomodates ground movement better than clay pipe ,and there are flexible adaptors to join up to clay that you join to.

The agency said subsidence can happen again (as per the information from the seller).

The drain pipes were replaced - agency does not know anything about the quality of it.

Tree is in the front side of the property. It is a copper beech tree as far as I am aware.
It looks like seller requested for permission to fell it, but did not get it.

you better ask the EPC guy how much it will cost to go from E to C.