Suing Tenants for Unpaid Rent


Anyone had any experience of suing tenants for unpaid rent ? And what is the process and how long it takes to recover the rent ?

Also I have landlord insurance cover for tenants default and legal expense cover, anyone has experience of claiming this from insurance? How long it takes to receive the claim payment from the insurance company ? And will the insurance company provide legal panel or legal expense promptly to take the tenants to court ?

I did some research and find it rather exhausting to know it seems the legal system in the UK which is very unfavourable to landlords when tenants can just stop paying rents as they wish and leave landlords with very little choice . Being a good tenant myself always in the past, I never knew it could be this stressful to be a landlord especially with the unprofessional letting agents all over the high streets in the UK.


I have no experience with this issue, however the fact that you have landlords legal cover is a bonus. I’ve never needed it myself, but it’s there job to cover your needs, I’d leave it with them.
Just make sure that all your paperwork is in order, small things can be a big problem, or so I’ve been lead to believe.

If you go down this road, it would be great if you could post updates here. Thanks.