Sunak scraps Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) targets

At last PM who has common sense! He knows that it’s not achievable and exacerbate rental property crisis. Not relevant to us but definitely to all those LL with posh properties in Clifton and Redland (Bristol).

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I have to identical houses in bs32 north of Bristol and each had a epc done within a month of one another, by the same inspector!
Everything is identical all have 300mm of insulation, both have modern combis
One house a D the other C !
Said to the inspector and he shrugged his shoulders and offered to change from a D to a C
System is inadequate

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Jaja, I told this to my husband who is a retired civil servant tunred part-time EPC assessor. He had a good laugh. On the other hand, he’s pulled by Elmhurst now and then for ckeckups and his assessments are failed for tiny little things, some of which he challenges sucessfully. Apparently, they have to sell their courses and with so many fails ( 3 within 12 months) it’s obligatory to take another (expensive) course.

Before that, we had EPC done for one of our flats. The guy gave us very low E, two points from F and tried to hard-sell high retention storage heater from his mate.
Being reassessed, the flat got high C as it always did. An old hand told us that complaining will get us nowhere. A broken system, indeed.