Swimming pool request by tenant

This evening my tenant has asked for permission to level the slightly sloping garden and set up a 12 x4 feet, round swimming pool.
I am quite a new landlord and don’t know if this is a reasonable request or not? The garden is 30 x 20 feet.
Any similar experiences please?

Is it a reliable long term tenant?

If you tell them how you want it levelled and discuss with the contractor I don’t think it’s an unreasonable request.

You have to satisfy yourself with the standard of work though.

Surely pool has the ability to be installed on sloped surfaces though, just pack up the legs on one side or build a base?

Four bed house, four friends paying the rent. They are delightful and have been in the house for a year. One moved out and they found another to seamlessly takeover in April. He is requesting the opportunity to erect the pool.
The house is in a very quiet residential close and I impressed upon the young guys how important it was to maintain the peace and they have.
I just feel the pool could lead to unwanted tension with neighbours.

Highly likely if it’s not a regular family with kids (and even then can cause friction). Even worse if same sex…

Sounds like unnecessarily hassle.

4 young lads . Add in a swimming pool . End result is during nice weather it will be Pool Party central until 5am and neighbours up in arms .