Switching over to OpenRent from Letting Agent

When the time comes, I would like to switch my tenant over to OpenRent after the initial 12 month contract created by the letting agents expires. Firstly, the tenant opted for a zero deposit scheme, rather than a traditional held deposit. I am not sure, therefore if the deposit would need any transferring etc.

Other than this, what actually happens? Will OpenRent email the new contract to the tenants for signing? Is that it? I would not require more checks done on the tenant as am happy with them. My tenant has a pet, will it be easy to include the pet in the new contract?

Thank you

I would be surprised if your contract with a letting agent allows you to switch your existing tenant over. Most letting agents will have clauses in their contracts with the landlord to avoid this scenario and essentially tie you in as long as you have the same tenant(s). You should read your contract with the agent carefully to check this before anything else.

Otherwise, if you are going to have the full tenancy creation with Openrent then it’s a bit more DIY than a normal estate agent. Openrent simply provide you the contract template. You then customise it and you can add a pet clause if you want, and send it for signing whenever you are ready for it to be sent.


I agree with Mita.

The other consideration, is that the tenant doesn’t have to agree to a new contract and you may have to continue under the existing one if they’re unable/unwilling to sign up to anything new.

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Beside the fact that most contracts with a letter agent tie you in unless the tenant changed its probably not worth it especially if you and your tenant agree a 12 month tenancy . Surely the letting agent wont charge more than £150 just for issuing a new tenancy while Openrents is £49.
Why not just let it go statutory periodic which has no cost that gives you more flexibility if circumstances change ie can issue a S21 for no reason .

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Have just achieved this very thing after several years with the best tenant ever. The agents were adding no value following the departure of a director/founder they went fast downhill, sadly. The good part was that the poor attitude to maintenance (by them) caused him to agree: we get rid of them, and no rent rise. I realised maybe this would be hard, but reading the AST contract there was no clause to prevent it, so I was totally open with them, said it was by mutual agreement. I set up the new contract direct via Openrent, took the 2nd deposit because Openrent don’t accept transfers, explained this, he agreed. I asked the agents to give him notice for the same date - all totally open. The agents were a bit upset but got over it - apparently I ‘should not have’ taken a second deposit but it was all agreed and documented, and the whole thing completes in 4 days. I think I was helped by a good long-term relationship with everyone, lots of maintenance upgrades (heating and insulation prior to crisis) and some good luck - but I’m glad to have done it because 10%+VAT for nothing is a nice expense to eliminate and preferable to a rent rise.

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