Switching tenants in the current climate

Hello All, I am looking for some advice and ideas.

My tenant is about to leave end of next month, after they’ve decided not to renew due to personal reasons, and now I am looking for new tenants.
How can I arrange viewing while following all guidelines and keep everyone safe and happy?
Possible options that I could think of:

  1. video calls with the potential tenants, where I talk through pictures, floorplan, surroundings etc.
  2. video conference call with the current tenant to show around the potential tenant (I have no idea how they are going to agree to this)
  3. or I can go one day, while they are out (for a walk or something) and do a video which I can then send to potential tenants

Hope someone here has successfully changed their tenants in these times and help me out

Thank you in advance

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We have just initiated a new tenancy after the last young couple gave notice just before Xmas due to being furloughed and made redundant. Blasted Covid !
We waited until they had vacated on 24th Dec. I think it is only fair. Then we used prescreening questions to screen enquiries and out of 28 we narrowed it down to 3 viewings. We do the viewings ourselves with masks and hand sanitiser and our next tenant moves in on Friday.

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