Taking over an existing OpenRent Tenancy

I have just acquired a property in Newcastle and the former landlord managed the property via OpenRent. The current tenant will remain in the property until the end of the 6 months agreement in Jan 2018

What are the steps for seamlessly taking over the existing agreement?

Kojo Amoo-Gottfried

Hi Kojo,

We do not manage any of the properties we advertise currently, and the agreement will remain in tact until either party gives the relevant notice period.

We aren’t legally trained, so would advise you seek your own legal advice whenever you aren’t sure of something. Though, as far as we are aware there is a Section 3 notice (Landlord and Tenant Act 1985) you and the previous landlord will need to serve to ensure the tenants are properly informed of the change. It is especially important the new landlord serves this, as it is currently a criminal offence not to.

You can see the relevant legislation here:


Hope that helps. Hopefully one of our landlords will have been through the same experience and are able to let you know how they approached this situation.

Good luck with the tenancy! Elinor