Openrent are rubbish! Lack of contact from openrent!

Where do openrent not call you or contact you back when you have an issue???
The tenancy referencing is rubbish, my prospective tenant click by accident on something other than the ‘open banking’ - it really is not clear on the screen… Called the ref check people, they said send through again ( we have to pay another 20 quid) they said contact openrent and they will sort it. Been trying to get hold of openrent all day (from 5 mins after this happened)
Stupid answering service, a text saying go back to the ref company and an email saying same thing!
Ref agency says go back to open rent…
Just rubbish!
Maybe it is because they get so many complaints that they don’t actually speak to people and resolve complaints but hide behind answering service, texts and emails!
Just rubbish service! Rubbish company.
If I get no resolution tonight will be going on to social media etc to let everyone know! I really do not want others to have to go through this!

I have have been using for referencing for many years and very good and never had problems.

Please explain to them and they will sort out.

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I have and they do not even bother to contact you! They keep telling me to speak to reference company and the ref company tell me I need to buy another referencing and then get Open rent to reimburse…no on is taking ownership of the issue, least of all openrent!
The lack of contact is rubbish!
Badly worded text! That’s it!!!
Don’t use them honestly they don’t even speak to you when you!
They don’t want to rectify complaint or assist or help you! They just want your money.
You are not valued as customers!
It’s rubbish! All they have to to is pick up the phone and sort it out!!! Why should I? (I have by the way and got conflicting information because they are not recognising there is an issue!!)
I am the customer!!!

Hi Alison

You are saying that

“They keep telling me to speak to reference company and the ref company tell me I need to buy another referencing and then get Open rent to reimburse”

Then please do that and Openrent reimburse Money to you.
I know that you that Openrent don’t double charge at all from experience.

It might be just that’s the way to rectify by restarting
application form for tenants.

Hi Alison!

I understand the tenant chose an incorrect option on the referencing form, and so needed to be sent a new one.

I believe you’ve been in touch with our support team this morning - and we’ve put you in touch with our account manager at our referencing partner who has got this new form sent out to the tenant.

If that’s not correct, just send us a message referencing this thread - we’ll be happy to help.