Finishing lease with tenants

Hi, I am really fed up with my tenants. They lack consideration for me and my property. In the last year the house has been damaged. Furniture dragged across a laminate floor breaking parts of it. Dents in the fridge freezer. Installing a pull up bar (screwed into the wall with large wood supports) Broken bannister caused by someone jumping on it (from the pull up bar) and saying it just fell off! Screwing bolts through a door in the kitchen to fit a dishwasher.
For the second year, they’ve gone on holiday without telling me. They knew I was going to get repairs and decorating done and needed to book someone (impossible now, before they get back.) I’ve messaged them about this but got no apology.
The Landlord/ tenant relationship has broken down and I hate having to visit the house. The rent is easily £100 a month below similar houses and in general, I’ve been very good to them.
I recently renewed their tenancy contract for 6 months but after this latest escapade, I’ve had enough. There are 5 months left on the current tenancy, can I tell them now that I won’t be renewing it or do I have to wait until the end of the contract and then give them notice. Thanks for reading this far, even if you’ve no advice.

Why do you think that experienced landlords recommend letting the tenancy go periodic as soon as possible. Im afraid youre stuck with them now until the new tenancy expires. You can serve a s21 notice 2 months beforehand.

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