Tenancy ended today -how do I renew it

How do I renew a contract that has just ended today? The tenant is staying on due to the coronavirus.

download a new agreement and sign it

Thank you for the advice.

or you can let it roll on if happy with that. I have a tenant who was on a 6 month tenancy 20 years ago. I just let it roll on and he has never missed a beat always pays .Love it !

Hi the tenancy agreement ended today so I am a bit stuck how to renew it. The help given from open rent is for a tenancy still live. Can you help ?

you can join a landlords association. Their legal advice is free and you can download free lease agreements etc The fee is tax dedustable

Hi , what I am after is how to reinstate a expired tenancy agreement. If you can advise it would be much appreciated. I also need to work out the payment side of things and how I get the tenancy back up and running .

I have never reinstated I have always let it roll over and this has worked for me for 40 years . No doubt another landlord will reply to you

If you wish to renew rather than your stated reinstate the AST then you simply first need to confirm with the tenant the rent if being increased and if the said tenant is wanting more commitment or indeed you do or not, this is especially important today as you may wish to establish their occupation security so if they are so far a good tenant and want to further commit to another fixed term agreement with no rent increase say and they are a Civil Servant or such like for instance then i personally would want to tie them back in for my own piece of mind yet maybe they are in an occupation likely to be grossly effected by this virus hence they now could pay you and your now in a Fixed term contract this may become a little more problematic you see, so you need to first establish some hard facts followed by common sense to get the answer of do i want to be tied in or not.

Hi June, if you used Rent Now to create the tenancy, we have a free renewals service.

Otherwise, you can give reissue your old tenancy agreement with new dates and any changes you wish.

You could also use Rent Now to create the tenancy. We would collec the signatures digitally which would be helpful during this lockdown.

More info here.