Tenancy ended using a break clause but still shows up on My tenancy

Last month we ended a tenancy ended using a break clause but it still shows up on My tenancy with contract in effect as a status.
Is this normal if not how do I get rid of it? (if I can?)

Hi Shaleen, are you the tenant or the landlord in this tenancy? The landlord needs to be the one to remove the tenancy from your OpenRent account.

The landlord can do this here: https://www.openrent.co.uk/listingmanager/properties

Hi Sam,

thanks for the reply, I am the tenant in this case.
Will there be any issues in future if this is not removed?

No problem.

No, nothing bad will happen if it’s not removed. We put it there so tenants can have easy access to all their tenancy documents (e.g. the contract). But it doesn’t have any other role. You won’t, for example, be unable to enter a new OpenRent tenancy just because this is still on your dashboard.

Do see if the landlord will remove it, however.