Tenancy enquiry’s

Hi is there any chance I can have dean removed as a tenant and put as a guarantor please. I have spoke to my landlord and he has no problem with it aslong as it does not effect the rent guarantor insurance. Thanks. Katie

Hi Katie,

Is Dean still going to be living in the property?

If you change someone to a guarantor role then they would no longer be permitted to occupy the property.


He won’t be living here Thankyou

Hi Katie,

Sure - the landlord will be able to make this change on the website if they haven’t already.

Any other questions, do let us know.

Kind Regards,

Hello I have a question, my fixed term contract ended on 25/02/19 it then rolled on to periodic monthly and i pay monthly rent. Thing is Landlord wants to move back in end of August 2019, i began to look elsewhere and have found something i potentially want to go ahead with an offer on, i asked my landlord if i can give one month notice period and they said no i must stay until August when it suits them.

I don’t believe this is legally correct ! Does anyone have some knowledge? I have signed nothing about August, only a verbal where they said they would keep it rolling until then, but I am trapped as i feel i cannot take the property i wish to go for…

Please let me know if i am in the right to hand in notice period of one month on periodic monthly contract now?

Many thanks