Tenant baby due in March

I have been renting a 1 bedroom apartment to a couple for about 2 years now and they have been good tenants. When I contacted him to organise the ECIR check he said could they do it soon as his wife is due to have a baby in March. I just congratulated him and his wife and wished them well with the birth of the baby. Do I need to do anything with the tenancy as it now just a rolling tenancy, the apartment was only ever advertised for a maximum of 2 people and I would rather they did not stay too long, but at the same time I do not want to force them out with his wife having complications and also Covid. If anyone can advise me if I need to do anything about the tenancy or if I should give notice! He did ask me a while back if I had any 2 bed properties which I do not but did not advise me of their growing family. I am quite a new landlord so first experience of this situation and I want to be fair. Any advice would be welcome.

Babies do not need to be on a tenancy with parents. Situation is ok while it is so young

I have a couple with a small child in a one bed flat. Its not overcrowded and they are happy with the set-up, (formerly living in a room in a shared house). I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

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Thanks Colin and David that is reassuring.

If they are good tenants surely that’s the main thing.
If they were enquiring about a two bed they may well move on of their own accord in the not too distant future.


New mums usually want to decorate a new room for a new baby.

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These seem like decent paying tenants, let them stay.
It seems from your comments that moving is already on their minds, leave the ball in their court, they will move out if and when the place starts to feel too small.

My advice would be to leave them be a good tenants and they will probably be good with the child. However, you might find you get a bit more condensation in the flat with the child if you haven’t got enough ventilation to trickle vents extractor fans in the kitchen and bathroom. That might be worthwhile doing that just to help manage the condensation and any possible mould in the flat because I will cry more clothes indoors during the bad weather.

As long as they are good tenants and pay their rent then don’t worry about it. They will move on when they need to.

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I also have tenants who are having a baby in March! However, ours is a two bed flat and I would like them to stay. I keep thinking they are going to want a place with a garden, although there is a really nice park within walking distance on the estate.
Anyway, I agree with others, let them stay if they want to.

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