New landlord ( very green )

I own a shop Which I have had for about 3 years and it came with a sitting Tennant.
Ive never seen a tenancy agreement and the Tennant has been in the property for a number of years so I’m pretty sure that there is no 12 month agreement .He ( the Tennant ) has always paid but it has sometimes taken quite a while . unfortunately he has stopped paying and I know that he is constantly drunk and the rest , he will not communicate ,he’s Lithuanian and in the past when I try to communicate it became a waste of time .
I believe the flat has turned into a complete dos house . My wife and daughter have tried to help him time and time again with legal problems but the situation has become untenable . He is three months behind in rent will not go for any help , can I evict him , I don’t want to but I feel I have no option

you are right drunkards usually go downhill

Yes its sad but we’ve spent a lot of time trying to help.
Colin am I going to struggle as I don’t have a tenancy agreement ?

I rent out shops. . Sounds as if there is living accomodation as well ? I got rid of a tenant in a shop who was late in paying (no living accom ) involved I simply went in and said I am taking it back at the end of the month ,so get rid of your stock, It worked I went in and took over. , In fact in 40 years I have done this twice. No written agreements involved


sorry for the late reply Colin . I have found the tenancy agreement . we use the shop as a framing business , the tenant is up stairs he does not communicate he is out in the back lanes drinking we have been in to do an inspection ( giving 24 hours notice) he makes sure he’s not in . he also pretends he doesn’t understand, looks like im in for the long haul

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