Tenant doing work

Problem now sorted thanks

Hi Will12

One of the rule I have made that I would not allow any
tenants to do any diy work. But I hope that you got
it in writing what he agreed to do.

Only 1st time when my tenant had problems with
washer for the sink tap during the lockdown and I asked him to talk to my plumber and then tenant fixed.

I would like to say that all tenants know how how to get
money out of the landlord.

He had been working in building sides and he might had some problems before too or it could be repetitive occupational injury.

Since he agreed to do work then from my point of view he cannot claim anything from you.

I had a tenant and he was saying that because of drafts from the window he got the shoulder and neck pain problem.
He had to go to his doctor and wanted to claim from me
and also from freeholder.

He is also working in building site so I just said that you will not able to any doctor like before because of COVID and you have to take e consultation or then your doctor can give you call.
I asked him to keep all the records and etc and give in writing.
Nothing was provided and not ever mentioned about shoulder or neck pain because of drafts. His partner did not have any problem.

I hope you would able to resolve this problem with your tenant.