Tenant enquiries and screening info disappear

Is anyone else having a similar issue?

When I go into tenant enquiries and look at a thread with a prospective tenant some of the initial messages are blank and the table showing screening info is not visible.
Sometimes a partial message is visible.
You can scroll through empty space in the window where the messages were but it is blank.
More recent messages are visible as normal.

It does not seem to affect new enquiries at first.

I’ve been using Open Rent for about seven years on Chrome and this has only become a problem on the most recent three listings.

I’ve tried disabling AdBlock (which it has always worked with) but no joy.
Also tried logging in in Incognito mode.

After a bit of chasing Open Rent have shrugged and concluded that it’s my problem, not theirs. Is anyone else having a similar issue?


Try a different browser like Firefox or Safari. If that does not work, try clearing your cache in your Chrome browser.

My browser informed me a few days ago that the website had just been updated, but refreshing failed to update my page, so I had to cancel the pop-up advising of the change and back space once to be able to use the page I had opened two days earlier.

So try again - the issue may have cleared itself as I no longer have a problem.

Hi @Jon4 - I’m sorry to hear this issue continues for you, we genuinely have no way to determine what is going on without having physical access to your machine - having tried to recreate using the same browser and device type as you to no avail.

As @John45 mentioned, it’s worth trying a different browser to see if that works. I can also see from the screenshots you sent us, that even in incognito you have some browser extensions installed. You can disable these extensions from being used in incognito, or you can create a new “Chrome Profile” which won’t have any extensions as a way to see if it’s being caused by one of your browser extensions. At this point, that does seem the most likely culprit I’m afraid.

Do keep us posted if a different browser, or fresh chrome profile works for you - as if so, it might help us narrow down what the culprit is.

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