Tenant is saying Dead mice smell but can't smell myself

I have a tenant who is saying that there is a mice dead somewhere. I cannot smell I have been in property several time, but only she and her partner can smell. There is a mice in garden which is coming from next house refurbishment.last night they took out cooker and was saying the mice is in cooker and send me pictures saying how dirty it is behind the cooker and she should not be cleaning. But I haven’t ask her to do. I am getting annoyed at this as they are basically saying that they want to recover deadbody whereever it is or in there head.
My property is not infected with mice as I had same issue with previous tenant and called pest control and clearly he said there is no infestation there may be a single or two that have entered from garden and he but the bait. And came twice and only one mice was found dead which he collected.
I am getting annoyed as it first started with bathroom and now it’s in kitchen and they want to see in the ceiling . I have said I can’t bring down wall and ceilings to find dead mice which may be anywhere which they can smell. Can someone advice what should I do . I went at 9:30 and they removed all the bait what the previous pest control had put now they want to put a glue sticky pads.

I am just getting concerned as in my 4year I have never seen any tenant like this.

Let them put down the sticky pads then

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Loan them a cat :slight_smile:

Have you spoken with next door if that’s the source?
Mouse traps or sticky pads will do it.

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You say pest control was called in with previous tenant?

How long ago was that?

Unless it was very recently I would call pest control back.

We had issues with tenants getting mice and as annoying as it is, it’s the Landlords duty. Furthermore, if they are there they can potentially cause a lot of damage to your property.

Your local council may well operate a pest control service which is a lot cheaper than private companies.

If your tenants are receiving any benefits if they arrange the appointment themselves with the council it may be free.

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