Tenant left with no notice, leaving furniture and damage

My tenant was behind on rent and I said I would bear with him. But he left giving no notice and leaving old furniture and damage behind. It’s cost me £3000.
How do I find his details? Refs etc. can’t see on Open Rent.

Are you sure he has left and is not just in hospital / prison / visiting sick relative etc?

When I reference tenants via openrent , I usually keep a copy of the pdf in local storage. If you referenced the tendency at the start of the tenancy, openrent would have sent you an email with the ref attached.

Search through your email, inbox and deleted folder, you may be lucky to find something


He left - he told OR tenancy had ended.

The usual advice is to wait a couple of months and then use a tenant find service to track down the tenants address. You can then use the address to register a Money Claim Online against them.

What’s the tenant find service ?

They are company’s offering to trace a tenants wherabouts

You do have his deposit though? In a deposit protection service? You can make a claim against it.

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The deposit won’t cover the costs - I’m £3000 out of pocket .

Gail, I understand that, but you have his deposit and at least he’s gone. You could be more out of pocket than £3000 if he was still there creating more debt.

Why waste time looking for his references ? It’s only Guarantors that are any use to you at this point . How do you know he has left ? I assume he informed you by text or e mail . If he hasn’t informed you and has a tenancy agreement in place including just a periodic tenancy you have to be careful as you shouldn’t have been even entering the property regardless of the amount of rent you are owed .

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Hi @Gail -

Any references you ordered with OpenRent should be visible on your referencing dashboard:

You should also be able to find all the documents associated with your ended tenancy, such as tenant contact details, the full contract, deposit details, etc from your account dashboard:

In the worst case, we also offer legal support should you need it here:


If there is anything you can’t find, do send us a message here.


So sorry this has happened to you. I was victim to a complete con artist after being landlord for 20 years. My advice is to change the locks and cut your losses. He has probably done it before, has debts etc. we are not protected as private tenants …… you will be the one in more debt .
Actually thank god he has gone . My tenant did the same and then let it to someone else!!!
Use every check , references going forward .
These type are rare . Good luck

Thanks Jane. -good advice.