What to do when tenant moves out?

Hello everyone and apologies in advance for our lack of experience with this.

We started using OpenRent about a year ago and found it great for finding a tenant, with step by step guides on getting inventories done etc.

But one of our tenants has just moved out - we’re unsure what to do now and with little advice on OpenRent we’re completely lost.

Can anyone help with a basic step by step of what we need to do now?

The flat is empty save for a few bits of furniture they left (and I agreed to).

Do I need to get an inventory done? Cleaning (the place looks relatively clean, so can I take the cost out of their deposit or not)?

What about meter readings?

How do I go about giving them their deposit back?

Any help would be greatly appreciated because we are loathe to go back to an agency.


Hi Michael,

We’d love to support tenants more at the end of tenancies. We currently allow a free renewal service, and let landlords relist their old advert with just a few clicks, but there’s more we can do to support new landlords like you!

The OpenRent Community is part of that, so I’m very happy to help with some of these questions.

Kind of - you need to do a ‘check out’ inspection that compares the state of the property now to the state of the property as stated on the inventory you (hopefully) performed when you moved in.

Without this written record, you’ll have no evidence to point to if you want to make deductions from the tenancy deposit.

You can only charge for cleaning if it says in your contract that the property must be returned in a specified clean state. (e.g. 'cleaned to a professional standard). The OpenRent AST includes words to this effect. :slight_smile:

Not needed, but sensible to get them. If the tenant pays the utility bills, then it’s up to them to manage. Might be helpful for the new tenants if you have them, but not obligation to have done so.

If bills are included, then it doesn’t really matter that a tenancy has ended because you’re still paying the supplier either way.

Depending on the deposit protection scheme, you log into your account and then follow the instructions.

If we secured your deposit as part of Rent Now, then here’s a detailed guide: https://help.openrent.co.uk/hc/en-gb/articles/360013683991-My-tenancy-has-ended-how-do-I-return-the-deposit-to-my-tenants-

All that’s left now if to re-advertise your property with us and find new tenants!