Tenant no allowing access to do Gas/Elec certs

I’m looking for some advise as I have tenant that keep refusing access to get the gas/elec certified , even after giving notice 24 hours prior, they keep changing last minute or refuse entry.
Should I make my way in and informed them they have already been given notice, I’m concerned as ultimately i’m on the hook to get this sorted asap.

You need evidence of their refusals. Several of them. I would then serve a s21 notice too.


No, you cannot enter without their agreement. Just keep a record of your requests, and responses if any. After a minimum of three attempts, if you wish, threaten eviction, then issue eviction notice.

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Thanks John noted I will do just thT

Its not strictly true to say that the landlord “cannot enter without the tenants agreement” as s11 of the Housing Act 1985 gives the landlord the right to do so. In any case, most tenants have already given their agreement in the contract. However, if the tenant refuses or prevents access, the landlord would be risking a harassment claim or worse if they press ahead.


Try explaining your problem to the council even to the extent of sending them an e-mail with all the details, they should act on this as they would if a tenant complained that the landlord was with holding the certs. also you will have a record that you have informed the authorities.
when you phone the council ask for the department that handles tenants and landlords complaints

Yes you need a paper trail here, times, dates , ideally witness statements from tradespeople affected. You should notify your council as your penalties can be severe unless you cya.
Apart from that theres something going on here you need to get in there even if you need to bend the rules a bit.
Bad experiences like this often make people sell up as tenants so called rights trump safety and the law of the land. councils prefer to gave a go at landlords rather than tenants

Worry that they won’t let anyone in. Have they got something to hide? Is the house being used for illicit purposes?