Tenant not cooperating with Inventory

Hi all, I would be very grateful for your guidance please.
Last week my new tenant agreed to be present and allow access to the property for an inventory preparation and check-in (Openrent service). I set up the inventory visit on the date agreed by the tenant. Unfortunately the tenant cancelled the appointment directly with Openrent and without sufficient notice, incurring me a cancellation charge. First I heard of this was from Openrent and not the tenant, which was disappointing. Had I known that the Tenant was unable to be present I might have been able to step in and provide access. I called the tenant to enquire about why this was cancelled but my call was not answered. Moments later I got a text message, explaining that unavoidably he had a work commitment and that he would rearrange the inventory appointment. I replied saying that it’s something that I really need to arrange as the landlord and if he could once again indicate his availability. No response for 24 hrs, I called twice and once again my calls were unanswered nor returned. I have since texted the tenant and asked for a suitable time to speak but still no response. It’s now 48 hrs since his only contact with me, the text about work.
I am now concerned that I have a tenant in my property with no inventory in place. Btw, it’s unfurnished but modern and in pristine condition. A part of me is also concerned for his wellbeing as it just seems so odd for this behavioural change which is the polar opposite of just a couple of days ago, when I handed over the keys at the start of the tenancy. What if he is unwell, or worse still in hospital. I just don’t know.
Any advice on where I should go from here? Can I schedule and arrange to be there myself?

An inventory AFTER he got the keys? A warning to us all. Surely he needs to be there as well as you to verify and SIGN it is correct. With me ,no sign , no agreement and no key

24 hours notice needed to tenant. No reply equals no problem, you can go in unattended.

Inventory can be provided afterwards via email or physical. Give timescale to sign and return copy to you iE 10 days, they legally have 7 days to consider.

Remind him late cancellation costs a fee still.

I won’t state the obvious mistake here.

Cheers Mark, well noted.
I’m going to give the tenant another 24hrs and if I still get the silent treatment, I’ll get it organised myself after giving 24 hrs notice.
Lesson learnt.

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