Tenant protection

I have an old friend who is going to move into my 2nd property and I would like to protect his tenancy as much as possible should anything happen to me .The property is being left to him in my will but I am concerned I might end up needing social care in the future .I am 72 years of age .
What is the max contact length I can give him or is there some other way I can protect his tenancy should anything happen to me ?
Any help would greatly appreciated


Assuming there is no mortgage and owned freehold there is no limit, however agreements for more than 3 years need to be done as a deed rather than contract and terms over 7 years need to be registered with land registry.

I wouldnt have thought a very long agreement would be advisable, if he will inherit property then he presumably wont be kicked out. If you do need long term care you should arrange a power of attorney and this can detail how you would want the property to be dealt with you are unable to look after it yourself.

Many thanks very helpful ,thankyou

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