Tenant reference needed if they have guarantor?

If a tenant is providing a guarantor who passes reference check, do I need to do any sort of check on the tenant, for them to be on the tenancy agreement and for the agreement to be eligible for RGI?

I am not sure what is “RGI”?
however the answer should be, yes, do all checks as per normal on both the tenant & the Guarantor this is very important if any thing goes wrong during the tenancy.
Also ensure the guarantor qualifies as a tenant financially on their own (nothing to do with the tenants £)

You dont want to know about your tenants history???

Thanks guys. I’ve got my answer - I will have references from both tenant and their guarantor.


RGI = Rent Guarantee Insurance

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That doesnt mean anything to me as There is no such thing as a rent guarantee in actuality, it’s just another insurance to take your cash, but if it makes you feel better then it is serving a purpose for you I guess as it’s all about the feeling good.

Hi Alice, glad you got your answer to this question!

For anyone else reading with the same question, all people on the tenancy agreement must be referenced in order for the tenancy to eligible for our Rent Guarantee Insurance (RGI).

If all tenants pass referencing, then no guarantors are usually needed. All tenants passing means the tenancy is eligible for RGI.

Guarantors are only needed where a tenant fails. If the tenant is able to provide a guarantor who passes referencing then the tenancy will be eligible for RGI.

You can read all the terms of our policy here: Rent Guarantee & Legal Expenses Insurance | OpenRent

I’d invite people to look at the terms of our policy and make their own mind up :slight_smile:

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If the tenant offers a guarrantor, even if they pass referencing take it . 2 strings to your bow!

The issue now though Colin is dont forget a guarantor = another Tenancy check fee on them and another lot of paperwork to serve on them also, and the landlord is to pay now a days which may need to be taken into account, which is frustrating.

I put £4 on the mothly rent to cover this cost

I’m already charging max rent so i can’t even add £1 to mine, needless to say im gutted as my tummy aches being bent this far over all the time and now my wallets getting lighter too…

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