Tenant referencing do they have to give notice on existing tenancy?

Hi there, does anyone know whether open rent force prospective tenants to give notice to their current landlord/agency in order to pass referencing? My prospective tenant’s agency refuse to give her a reference until she has given notice, but she didn’t want to give notice until she passed referencing as she could end up homeless. They said it was open rent’s policy, not theirs. Is this true? She was willing to pay a months rent on both places to secure my house, so there would be no subversion of contract law, and if a tenant didn’t give notice on a prior place and tried to leave it then surely basic contract law is the remedy, not the threat of homelessness? ? It seems to me to be harsh and to put her in a very vulnerable situation . . . Many thanks, Jess

Hi Jess,

Thanks for your enquiry.

It won’t be clear whether the tenant will pass referencing until the referencing process is completed. However, it isn’t a requirement that the prospective tenants give notice to their current landlord in order to pass referencing. The pass/fail recommendation in the report is also more heavily determined by the income and credit components of the report.

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