Tenant Referencing - Input housemate details

In Tenant Referencing stage, as the lead tenant, I completed input my part and clicked Confirm.

But I don’t know how/where to input details for the housemate, and her status shows “Collecting data from applicant”.

Seems the Confirm button is to confirm input for ALL tenants is completed, not just confirm my part of details. How can I add back the details of my housemate?

Hi @Nicole2 -

Each applicant being referenced needs to complete the referencing forms themselves - you can’t do this on their behalf. If they are on the application already, then they will have had instructions on how to proceed via email and SMS sent to them already.

If you need to add in a new co-tenant/guarantor, you can do that from your referencing screen.


Hi Daz, got it. thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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