Tenant referencing - who do you use?

Just curious to see who you all use for your tenant referencing? Was going to use OpenRent but the 3-5 working days for results has put me off. The main thing I want to check is current and previous landlord which I know I can do myself, and credit check.

I’d also like an affordability report but have already had bank statements from the tenants.

Employee check isn’t really necessary as both tenants are self employed.

You have asked to see their accounts going back 3 years?

I have seen their company accounts going back many years, but just 3 months of personal bank statements.

I have been self/emp for more than 50 years always used an acountant. Do they have accounts from an accountant?

They do, yes, but that’s not answering the question I posted.

Experion I use But the a/c is my main aim as I understand the s/e game

Appreciated. I just feel like I’m satisfied enough to have progressed to referencing, so just want that extra bit of assurance from referencing now.

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You sound like a savy guy. Go with your gut. Refs are just to confirm your instincts

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